Year of the dragon

This year will be a year of changes. It means leaving my comfort zone and pursuing something more, something greater. Wish me luck 🙂

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Small Circles in a Big City

I moved to Hong Kong almost five years ago. Except for my immediate family, I didn’t know anyone in this town and it was clear to me that making friends was a priority. I guess I don’t look at knowing people as simply “networking” – frankly I hate that term (and I’ve written a blog […]

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My Twitter

  • Arrived in Bali for client's event. Let's do this 👊🏻 2 hours ago
  • 6) I've never seen anything like this @cathaypacific I am not Marco Polo member but I fly you almost monthly in the last 6 months 😡... 11 hours ago
  • 5) the flight number @cathaypacific is CX785 to DPS about to take off at 10:10 am today from HKIA... 11 hours ago
  • 4) this is more than 1 passenger @cathaypacific I am talking about a whole section of people who queued and was asked to re-queue... 11 hours ago
  • 3) when we asked your ground crew why we weren't checked, no explanation only more screaming "go back to end of line". Seriously?... 11 hours ago