Wellington Street

There’s no street in Central, Hong Kong I love more than Wellington Street.

Wellington Street – west end

Wellington Street

The one-way street is filled with many mom-and-pop shops you won’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong, criss-crossed by many smaller cobblestone walkways and alleys.

He plays Chinese opera as he prints out cards on his manual presses

A printer on Wellington Street

The beauty of old Hong Kong captured in this intersection

A Street corner arts bookstore and tailor

When 永和 (Wing Woh) was still in operation a year or two ago, I used to go to work in the area and see the owner of the shop chop Chinese dried salted fish in the morning apologetically in the middle of his store, right on top of the aged tiled floor. The cleaver made a very loud thud as it sectioned the big, stiff fish corpses into sellable portions. To this day, I still make an effort to walk down Wellington Street whenever I have some time as these stalls, stores and sights will disappear very soon.


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