Social media is the latest buzz word in marketing circles. Facebook, Twitter, yada yada…

I’ve worked in branding and digital media for more than eight years and made a lot of effort to:

  • Ensure none of my work-related confidential information is leaked / exposed online
  • When I work in social media on behalf of clients, I make sure I remain unknown
  • I do not share strategies nor openly criticize other peers’ work online

I do, however:

  • Announce / publicize great work from peers
  • Enjoy open conversations with potential clients and project partners

I’ve maintained personal social media involvements strictly social. I talk the same in public as I do online. This is a conscious choice – to ensure that should one day (and this day arrives for any client good or bad) my clients and I must part ways, they can keep the assets I’ve built for them on their behalf. Personally, I have no interest in building up my “brand” as an online guru. Social media is about conversations, dialogues, engagement. Traditional “branding” – constant one-way yapping about yourself, is counter-intuitive to a communication space where listening is more important.

Stuff I tweet about - kittens!

Stuff I tweet about - kittens!

from detour hk 2009

Stuff I tweet about – art!

I eat more than I should

Stuff I tweet about – food!


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