My work starts the moment I’m up and ends the moment I’m asleep. During the waking hours, I cannot stop. I suppose creative process is like this – you are constantly amused, inspired and triggered to think of more things. Sipping coffee will remind me of a contact whom I think is the right spokesperson for a brand, mid-shower I will connect all the dots to a lot of ideas and must leap out and write it down asap. It’s a very obsessive-compulsive process – when the idea strikes you feel like you’re on cloud nine and you must catch it at any costs until you see a bigger idea behind it and you’ll simply continue to chase them, over and over.

I suppose I am a workaholic – I’ve been told by many that I should learn to honour myself and take breaks. But what is a “break” if you are thinking about things as you stir your coffee, looking out the window, or watching a movie? The brain refuses to idle and I am not in control.

The plight of a workaholic is tough. Or maybe I should rephrase it as: the plight of the imaginative mind is tough.


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