Why I didn’t blog

Fernando’s blog entry from yesterday is insightful and touched on many reasons why I didn’t blog until 2010. It’s a long piece and definitely worth the time to digest, contemplate and discuss.

During the blog-multiplying-like-bunnies era (scary to think 2005 is a long time ago), it seems like everyone is bragging on the number of people on their blogroll, who permalinks them, etc. And now with social media’s boom we’re all about who retweets my content, how many followers we have and how many friends are on my Facebook.

It’s a narcissistic popularity circus, and I see no merits in joining the party.

This blog will remain “pure” by Fernando’s definition 🙂

P.S. – why do people unfollow and follow me on Twitter multiple times to get me to add them? If I didn’t add you the first time, why will I add you the 2nd, 3rd, 100th time? Curious.


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