Confirmed fact: Hong Kong has the most Rolls Royce per capita in the world.

Hypothesis: Hong Kong population wears the most luxury bags in the world.

From a window display in Central

Luxury bags

Everywhere you look, someone is carrying one. Your housewife neighbour returning home from grocery shopping? A luxury purse accompanied her to the wet markets. The office secretary will be using the same brand of bags as the managing director of the company. On the MTR you can probably name 20 luxury bags in one train cabin, often the same brands / designs. Sitting in the Four Seasons Blue Bar one afternoon, I noticed five women carrying the same French ultra-luxury brand bag in the same style with different colours and finishes.

The luxury bag is beyond a status symbol, it’s part of everyday life.

From a display window in Central

Bag and scarf

I agree with the old wisdom that “the bag makes the outfit” – I have a few handbags (different price range) that I match with outfits. However, it seems Hong Kong people think differently: they are buying these bags to conform – the bag IS their outfit.

To an extent, I understand the mentality – Hong Kong is a city that grew in wealth rapidly. Like all nouveau riche, there is a desire to show off their wealth and opulence. These values are then passed down from mother to daughter, father to son, etc. What I don’t get though is why is this strictly limited to handbags? I see many women in Hong Kong wearing bags that cost their paycheques and wear ill-fitting shoes, poorly constructed garments and logo-laden accessories. Isn’t the health of your feet, your presentation as a whole more important than the detachable and dismissable purse you choose to wear? That is the question I still can’t answer 🙂

Little birdie looking in

Caged by desires


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