Heel Boy

Heels mean a lot to me. Being vertically challenged, I walk around in stilettos most days of the week.

Those pink socks are mine

Heels shopping

When I worked in Toronto, one of my favourite stores was Heel Boy, a small shoes store that wrote funny comments on men and dogs on their sidewalk chalk board. With my meagre salary I could only afford the shoes there when they were on sale. I remembered saving money up for these:

I could barely afford them on sale, barely

Kenneth Cole d'orsays

I’ve kept them all these years and still wear them despite the fact that they are very painful for my high-arched feet.

As I moved up the ladder in the corporate world, it seems my heels also became higher:

Conservative choice... with bitch heel

I own many pairs of black stilettos

I feel safe wearing fierce heels – talking to men (my junior associates or my bosses, it doesn’t matter) I feel less inferior when our height difference isn’t so significant. One time I twisted my ankle and had to wear trainers to work, my colleagues at the time made fun of my sudden shortened stature. As soon as I recovered heels never left my feet again in any office environment

This mentality didn’t change with dating and socializing:

They are a pain on my feet

Deceptively delicate

I can’t see myself wearing flats regularly in the foreseeable future (I own none). I’m sure I’m damaging my high-arched feet slowly (despite putting in many gel insoles and regular foot massages) but honestly?

I don’t think I can function without heels.


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