How to win an intelligent girl’s heart

My friend, Jansen, posted an article from Wired called “10 Ways to a Geeky Girl’s Heart” on Twitter. After reading it, I think the article’s suggestions are lame, and most will fail. I say this because all of it are simply tactics with a dash of science / tech sprinkled in. The article actually reads like an article written by a guy to soothe lonely guys, not real “advice”. Most “geeky” a.k.a. intelligent girls (including me) will see right through these moves and leave you at the bus stop if you try to use them on us (heh). Based on personal experience and girly chats with other fellow geeky girl-friends, here are some practical advice:

Be confident

Most intelligent girls are intelligent and well-spoken ladies (that’s why you are attracted to us, right?) who are not afraid to give you a piece of their minds. They are looking for partners who can carry themselves on the same level. We will snuff most guys who follow them like lovesick puppies. We don’t need “yes man” to be our partners.

Don’t assume we don’t know things

Intelligent girls love brainstorming and ideas-bouncing with friends and partners. We love to be engaged in the nerdiest talks – semantic search? Bring it on! China foreign policies and GFW? That get our blood boiling. But, here’s the thing: DON’T TALK LIKE YOU ARE SMARTER THAN US. Seriously now… I’ve met someone in the past who’ve assumed I don’t understand “online” because I didn’t keep a Tumblr / Posterous account and I don’t machine-tag my Flickr then proceeded to try to “teach” me how to use them. Being polite, I didn’t bother giving him the finger.

Try to pick up on our “other” interests

Most intelligent girls are more than happy to share their ideas and interests with you, whether you understand it or not. It’s your job to sift through what she’s said to put together her lifestyle preferences. Here’s a personal example: I love to buy shoes as much as I love to buy iPhone apps. You may like iPhone apps more but you should realize that shoes is as interesting to me as iPhone apps, if not more interesting. I am not saying you should become Manlolo or Louboutin experts but if you date me and we walk by a shoe store, you better remember not to hinder me from going in. Extra brownie points if you can truthfully critique a pair of shoes (this is hard, hence it’s optional).

Don’t buy us stuff you think we’d need

One year, a guy I was dating wanted to buy me a Playstation 2. Needless to say, I kicked him to the curb fairly quickly. if I want tech gear, I’d buy it myself. I may ask you for advice, but seriously, DON’T buy us gizmos unsolicited. I may be geeky and use a lot of high-tech stuff but I rely on my Moleskin for brainstorming. If you bought me a licence for OmniOutliner I’d really question if you know me or not.

Done for now, any girls can follow up with more ideas?


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