Small Circles in a Big City

I moved to Hong Kong almost five years ago. Except for my immediate family, I didn’t know anyone in this town and it was clear to me that making friends was a priority.

I guess I don’t look at knowing people as simply “networking” – frankly I hate that term (and I’ve written a blog post about that before). I try to keep an open mind when meeting someone new, no matter what context I’ve met them. I guess this approach works well – I now have friends I can count on no matter what circumstance 🙂 The funny thing about this is that I end up becoming very good friends with some of my ex-bosses. In the small industry I work with, they become friends and work allies for life. As a lot of them are more experienced than I am (that’s why they were my bosses!) they also share a lot of insights and experiences that are eye-opening to me.

Last Friday was the highlight of this experience 🙂

It started with a drink at GOLD by Harlen Goldstein – I was meeting my old boss from my ad agency days to catch up. CK was late and mentioned he had to head to another party soon and asked if I wanted to come along. I said yes and ended up in Chai Wan, on the top floor of a random building:


This is in an industrial building in Chai Wan

This was home to Hong Kong’s premier recording studio, Drum Music. The owners are foodies and decided to outfit their new studio with outdoor grill and an open kitchen to entertain friends:

We had a lot of wine and food here

The evening was spectacular – wines, conversations, food (gourmet pizzas, roasted chicken, perfect medium-rare steak to name a few) and I went home happy and full.

This is the type of experience that will only happen if you form friendships.


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