Letting go of unhappy thoughts and feelings are an important part of being an adult. Often, people are too caught up with the negative emotions associated with incidents and forgetting to focus on the cause itself.

Forgetting the pain does not mean forgiveness. Forgiveness means you can accept what had happened, and still accept the other party(s) as equal before the incident had occurred. Therefore, I prefer to move on and cut people off who’ve wronged me if I cannot let go of the causes nor emotions. I don’t believe in the phrase “with time, things will heal” because they don’t. The emotions may fade but the scars are still there. To truly forgive, both sides must agree to the common goal of healing, and occurrences of that are very very rare.

On the other hand, making one self happy is one’s responsibility, not others’. No matter who or what has wronged you, it’s important that you go find a way to cope.

I’ve been going through some on-going dramas for some time. To elevate my mood, I change things that will make me happier – be it going back to muay thai fully engaged, or sitting at the hair salon for 5 hours:

As I’ve tweeted before, sometimes I can’t change circumstances, but I can change hair colours!


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